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      Sex: M

Individual Information
          Birth: 1793 - Wolverhampton
    Christening: 24 Feb 1793 - St Peter & St Paul's, Wolverhampton
          Death: 26 Apr 1860 - Salop St
         Burial: 30 Apr 1860 - Merridale Cemetery, W'ton

         Father: Thomas Egginton (kc)
         Mother: Sarah Dovey (kc)

Spouses and Children
1. *Frances Beatrice Roden (kc)
       Marriage: 18 Oct 1812 - Sedgley
                1. Joseph Egginton
                2. Thomas Egginton
                3. Isaac Egginton
                4. Josiah Egginton
                5. Jane Egginton
                6. Moses Egginton
                7. Frances Beatrice Egginton
                8. Fredrick Egginton
                9. William Egginton
                10. Walter Egginton (kc)


bap: Thomas Eggington 24 Feb 1793 Saint Peter & Saint Paul-RC, W'ton
f: Thomas Eggington m: Sara. IGI
Godparents: Robert Yates and Elizabeth Dovey*.
Staffordshire: - Roman Catholic Registers, 1720-1830

1814 to 1832: Keymaker or Bridge maker on baps of children (a Bridge is part of a lock)
1841: Salop St. Thomas Egginton 45 Bridge maker, w Frances 45, Moses 15, Walter 9 (next door to Joseph b1786)
1851: Salop St. Thomas Egginton 58 Iron Founder Master (emp 2 men), w Frances 50, Walter 19, serv Mary Harris 18

d:Thomas Egginton Apr-May-Jun 1860 Wolverhampton 6b 262
bur:30 Apr 1860 Thomas Egginton 67years Salop Street St.Mark Iron founder 543 Bronchitis 12302 Merridale G1/C4 G1/10647
Photo of Final Resting Place Thomas & Frances's plot is the grassy space to the left of the yellow marker. To the left of the big tree is Walter's first wife, Clara's plot.

Executors of Will (written 1860) were his three of his living sons: Joseph, Moses and Walter.

Handwritten Version of the Will

Below is my transcription of my ggg-gf's Will. The task took a few days to complete and I know that it contains a few mistakes - not only have I not corrected the ones that I've spotted, I've added a few more deliberately. If you wish to upload my transcription to any commercial website then I ask you to include this paragraph and a link to its source: Clive Egginton.

This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Egginton of Wolverhampton in the county of Stafford Ironfounder and Retail Brewer I direct the payment of my debts Funeral and Testamentary expenses by my Executors out of my Personal Estate and Subject thereto I give and Bequeath the benefit of my Trade Effects as an Ironfounder and Book Debts therein with liberty at discretion to carry on the same unto and by my wife Frances Beatrice Egginton during her life in widowhood but no longer and after her death or marriage again then I direct the same to be sold by my Executors and the Money arising therefrom to write into and form part of the Residue of my Effects hereinafter bequeathed And I give Devise and Bequeath All that my Messuage Shopping Yard and appurtenances in Salop Street Wolverhampton and any other Real Estate I may die seized of and my Stock in Trade as a Retail Brewer ands Household Effects and the Residue of my Personal Estate unto my three Sons Joseph Moses and Walter To hold unto them the said Joseph Moses and Walter Egginton their heirs executors administrators and assigns as joint tenants Upon the following Trusts namely Upon trust to permit my wife to receive the Rents of my Real Estate and the use of my Household Goods during her life or widowhood she keeping my real Estate in repair and after her death or marriage again then Upon Trust that they the said Joseph Egginton Moses Egginton and Walter Egginton their heirs or assigns do and shall sell and absolutely dispose of my said Real Estate at discretion and also of my Personal Estate with liberty to buy and resell the same at discretion and to convey the same unto the purchaser thereof absolutely and do and shall stand possessed of the Money arising from such sale and after payment of all expenses then do and shall pay unto the two Children of my late son Thomas Five pounds a piece and after such payments Upon trust to divide the clear residue and pay the same unto and between my six Children Joseph Josiah Isaac Moses Frederick and Walter equally And I appoint the said Joseph Egginton Moses Egginton and Walter Egginton Executors of this my Will and I declare that the receipts of the Executors and Trustees for the time being of this my Will shall be a sufficient discharge to the purchaser of my Real and Personal Estates for the Purchase Monies thereof And Lastly I revoke all previous Wills

As witness thereof I have hereunto set my hand the twenty fourth day of April One thousand eight hundred and sixty - the Mark of X Thomas Egginton - Signed and Declared by the said Testator as and for his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and the presence of each other at the same time have herewith subscribed our names as witnesses Jn Riley Solr Wolverhampton T H Price his Clerk

On the twenty fifth day of September 1860 the Will of Thomas Egginton late of Wolverhampton in the County of Stafford Ironfounder and Retail Brewer was proved by the oaths of Joseph Egginton Moses Egginton and Walter Egginton Sons of deceased the Executors herein named having been first sworn duly to administer Effects under 200 Probate extracted by J Riley Solr Wolverhampton

I certify the above to be a correct copy of the original Will remaining in the District Registry at Lichfield. Signed by the Registrar
Desperately Seeking Sarah

The baptism record gives us Thomas's father's full name but only his mother's forename, 'Sara'. So what was her surname?

The only record found for a marriage of a Thomas and Sarah is:
22 Sep 1783 Thomas Eginton b x Sarah Dovey s x B witn:William Dovey & Joseph Meready St Peter's, W'ton.

The fact that a Dovey (Elizabeth) was Thomas (b1793)'s godmother adds weight to the possibility that his mother was a Dovey too and that this Thomas & Sarah were, indeed, his parents .

*Note: It may be that Elizabeth was a Dovey only by marriage:
James Dovey m Eliz Yates 1780 wit William Dovey at St.Peter's (same William perhaps?)
If so, then this ties in nicely with the fact that Thomas's godfather was a Yates too (in which case, were Rob & Eliz, brother and sister?).

Wolverhampton Archives hold micro-filmed registers of SS Peter & Paul's RC Church, and here is a selection of the baptisms there (sp=godparent, olim=formerly):

04 Dec 1791 Wm Dovey son of Jas & Eliz sp Rich Savage
13 May 1792 Sara dua of Richard & Ann sp Ric Savage Eliz Rhoden
27 Nov 1792 Edw Rhoden s Thos & Mary sp Jos Latchford Lucy Eagle
10 Jan 1793 Jas Martin sp Jas Dovey
24 Feb 1793 Thos Eggington s of Thos & Sara sp Rob Yates & Eliz Dovey
14 Oct 1793 Jas Yates of Rob & Mary sp Jas & Eliz Dovey
17 Nov 1793 Jas Kendrick gp Jas Dovey
05 Oct 1794 Jas Dovey son of Jas & Eliz sp Rob Yates & Mary
14 Aug 1796 Eliz Rhoden d of Thos & Mary
11 Dec 1796 Thos Dovey s of Jas & Eliz sp Sam Huet Mary Branwood
04 Sep 1803 Mary James sp John Dovey Mary Yates
23 Jun 1804 Sar Dovey d of James & Eliz (olim Yates) sp Thos Rhoden Elnr James
28 Oct 1804 Jas Yates s of Rob & Mary (olim Clayton) sp Thos Roden & Elnr James
31 Oct 1805 Jos Dovey s of Wm & Eliz sp Joss Branwood & Ann Illidge
and of course Thomas himself marries Frances Beatrice Roden in 1812.

The links between Dovey, Yates, Rhoden and Savage families are many and clear but Thos Egginton Snr appears only once - could he be an outsider after-all? Is it just that the list doesn't start early enough or that he was a widower by April 1793?

Another Dovey/Yates link from Ancestry:
07 Apr 1799 Elizabeth Yates, daughter of Robert and Mary.
Godparents: John Dovey and Ellen Harthill.
Staffordshire: - Roman Catholic Registers, 1720-1830

Finally, I have an apology for anyone researching this line. When I started there were no members' trees on Ancestry linking this Thomas with anyone from Tamworth - after 'publishing' this website, information from it soon started to appear on Ancestry etc - but without the doubts and uncertainties I had expressed (and now emphasise). It then spread from tree to tree and now appears as 'fact'. I am sorry if this has caused anyone to stop pushing back on their own. As yet, I have not uploaded any of the contents of this website onto Ancestry, Genes Reunited or anywhere else.
Marriage Notes (Frances Beatrice Roden (kc))
Thomas Egginton & Frances Beatrice Roden 18 Oct 1812 Sedgley, Stafford IGI

Two big questions:
1. Why get married in Sedgley if neither of them hailed from there (both claim to be born in W'ton in the 1851 census)?
Was he a catholic getting married to a protestant and didn't want to be excommunicated? Was FB 'with child' (if so, which one?).
2. If Joseph b1785 was truly Thomas's brother would he have chosen this day for his dau Sarah's baptism in Wolverhampton?

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